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Join us for an engaging 1.5-hour webinar where we'll unravel the myths and anti-patterns of the Daily Scrum, explore facilitation techniques, and dive into essential metrics like the burnup chart and Scrum Board. Don't miss the live Daily Scrum session to see these practices in action! Elevate your Daily Scrum and enhance your team's performance!🚀 Key Takeaways 📌Identify Common Myths and Anti-Patterns: Learn to recognize and correct misconceptions and ineffective practices in Daily Scrums. 📌Effective Facilitation Techniques: Discover new methods to facilitate engaging and productive Daily Scrums. 📌Understanding Key Metrics: Gain insights into Scrum Boards and essential metrics like burnup charts to track progress and drive improvement. 📌Live Daily Scrum Demonstration: Experience a real-time Daily Scrum session to see best practices in action. 📌Enhance Team Collaboration: Improve your team's communication and collaboration through optimized Daily Scrums. Register Now



Unlock the secrets to effective Sprint Retrospectives in our 1.5-hour webinar! We'll debunk common myths and anti-patterns, introduce you to the 5-step model by Diana Larsen, and share powerful facilitation techniques.  Don't miss our live Sprint Retrospective demonstration to see these strategies in action.  Transform your retrospectives and drive continuous improvement with your team!🚀 Key Takeaways 📌Myths and Anti-Patterns: Identify and eliminate common misconceptions and ineffective practices in Sprint Retrospectives. 📌5-Step Model by Diana Larsen: Understand and implement Diana Larsen's 5-step model to structure effective retrospectives. 📌Facilitation Techniques: Discover practical methods to facilitate engaging and productive retrospectives. 📌Live Demonstration: Experience a real-time Sprint Retrospective session to see best practices in action. 📌Continuous Improvement: Learn how to foster a culture of continuous improvement and team collaboration through effective retrospectives. Register Now

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Scrum Master Job Interview

In this webinar, I am interviewing Saheli Sarkar for a fictitious Scrum Master position.
You will learn:

  • How a typical job interview happens
  • Pitfalls and how to avoid those
  • Some best practices for answering interview questions

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Scrum Master Interview Secrets: Decoding the Interviewer’s Mind

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How much do you know about OKR?

Take this quiz and see how well you understand the OKR framework

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Which of the following is an example of a well-defined objective in OKR?

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Sarah is a team lead and wants to set OKRs for her team. What is the recommended number of Objectives she should set?

3 / 15

In OKR, what is the typical time frame for setting Objectives?

4 / 15

True or False: OKR should be aligned from top to bottom.

5 / 15

What is the primary purpose of conducting a weekly check-in meeting in OKR?

6 / 15

Which of the following statements best describes the concept of stretch goals in OKR?

7 / 15

How frequently should progress on Key Results be updated in OKR?

8 / 15

In OKR, what is the purpose of setting aspirational objectives?

9 / 15

True or False: OKRs are primarily used for performance evaluation and determining individual bonuses.

10 / 15

How can OKRs help with alignment in an organization?

11 / 15

What is the recommended level of transparency in OKR?

12 / 15

In OKR, what is the purpose of tracking progress on Key Results?

13 / 15

True or False: OKR is a static goal-setting framework that doesn't allow for adjustments or revisions throughout the quarter.

14 / 15

What is a Key Result in OKR?

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What is the purpose of OKRs?

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