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SAFe SM Practice Assessment

Explore Your Scrum Knowledge: Take the SAFe SM Practice Assessment Today!

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How does SAFe handle the "fear of conflict" team dysfunction?

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What is one example of an Agile team development practice?

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Which demo is performed in the IP Iteration?

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What can a Scrum Master/Team Coach recommend to a team that is showing signs of burnout, not addressing increasing technical debt, and acting out of urgency rather than considering innovation?

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What is one topic for each team member to speak about during Team Sync?

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What is one characteristic of high-performing teams?

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What are two critical areas that differentiate agile from waterfall dev?

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Why is it important for a Scrum Master/ Team coach to be a servant leader?

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What is one element of the CALMR approach to DevOps?

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Why is it important for a Scrum Master/ Team coach to be a servant leader?

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What is one recommended practice for Scrum Masters/Team Coaches when coaching teams on presenting a draft plan at PI Planning?

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Who can change the backlog during an Iteration?

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In SAFe, who owns the decision for releasing changes into production?

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During PI Planning, who owns the planning of Stories into Iterations?

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What is the recommended frequency for PI Planning in SAFe?

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Which Agile Manifesto principle describes the importance of PI Planning in SAFe?

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A servant leader knows that his or her own growth comes from what?

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What is an example of SAFe Scrum Master Servant leader behavior?

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How does the "C" in the CALMR approach to DevOps help teams manage tensions caused by differing needs?

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What foundational issue most often leads to team dysfunction?

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Who commits to the Iteration goals at the end of Iteration planning?

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What is the purpose of the Plan-Do-Check-Adjust cycle as applied to Iterations?

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What is one way uncommitted objectives help Agile Teams make a plan for the PI?

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How are the 5 Whys used?

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During PI Planning, which two tasks are part of the Scrum Master's role in the first team breakout?

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What is one Scrum value that can help Agile Teams create transparency?

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What does transparency mean in a Scrum environment?

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An effective SAFe Scrum Master elevates people problems with strict confidence to the appropriate levels when necessary, but only after what has happened?

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Who is responsible for prioritizing the Iteration backlog?

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What are two anti-patterns for the IP Iteration? (Choose two.)

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What is the recommended duration of an Iteration in SAFe?

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Participating in PI Planning enables teams to gain alignment and commitment around a clear set of what?

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According to SAFe, which of the following types of work should fit into one Iteration for one team?

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Good coaches do not give people the answer, but instead they do what?

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Which three attributes summarize DevOps? (Choose three.)

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What is one anti-pattern that emerges when teams do not spend enough time refining the

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What is one way to describe Agile economics?

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What is one Agile development value?

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What are two common PI Planning anti-patterns? (Choose two.)

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During which of the following stages of team development do team members stop focusing on their own goals and begin focusing on developing better ways of working together?

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The goal of Lean is to deliver the maximum customer value in the shortest sustainable lead time while providing what else?

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What is one practice Scrum Masters/Team Coaches can use to facilitate conflict management?

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Which type of Enabler does a System Architect review during a System Demo?

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What are two good scrum master facilitation practices?

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The program board highlights Feature delivery dates, Milestones, and what else for teams on the Agile Release Train?

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Each PI Planning meeting evolves over time, and ending PI Planning with a retrospective will help to do what?

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How much do you know about OKR?

Take this quiz and see how well you understand the OKR framework

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Which of the following is an example of a well-defined objective in OKR?

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Sarah is a team lead and wants to set OKRs for her team. What is the recommended number of Objectives she should set?

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In OKR, what is the typical time frame for setting Objectives?

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True or False: OKR should be aligned from top to bottom.

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What is the primary purpose of conducting a weekly check-in meeting in OKR?

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Which of the following statements best describes the concept of stretch goals in OKR?

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How frequently should progress on Key Results be updated in OKR?

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In OKR, what is the purpose of setting aspirational objectives?

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True or False: OKRs are primarily used for performance evaluation and determining individual bonuses.

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How can OKRs help with alignment in an organization?

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What is the recommended level of transparency in OKR?

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In OKR, what is the purpose of tracking progress on Key Results?

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True or False: OKR is a static goal-setting framework that doesn't allow for adjustments or revisions throughout the quarter.

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What is a Key Result in OKR?

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What is the purpose of OKRs?

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