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PSM-A Practice Assessment

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A new Product Owner has joined an existing Scrum team that has been working together for eight Sprints. The Developers have grown to have a good understanding of the functionality and business for the product they have been building. The Product Owner, being new to the company, is unsure about his responsibilities. Explain two acceptable ways of assisting the Product Owner as a Scrum Master.. (Choose the best two answers)

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You are the Scrum Master of a Scrum Team that has one Developer who disagrees with team decisions. Their disagreements are becoming disruptive and slowing progress. The Developer often returns earlier team decisions and re-opens the issue. What are two ways to go about this problem? (Choose the best two answers)

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Five new Scrum teams are being formed by a company to work on a single product. Several future team members inquire about the Scrum Master's role in coordinating work among the various Scrum teams. What should the Scrum Master do next? (Choose the best answer)

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Another Team’s Scrum Master seeks your advice. The Daily Scrum always runs longer than 15 minutes. The Developers suggest splitting the Scrum team into two teams. What is your response? (Choose the best answer)

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During a Product Backlog refinement meeting, the Product Owner introduces a business objective that will be worked on for the next Sprints. To achieve the business goal, the Product Owner sees a set of critical features that must be supplied. Because the features will be using sensitive user data, they will be subjected to external security audits. These non-functional security requirements were not applicable to previous Increments. What are two effective methods for developers to address these high-security concerns? (Choose the best two answers)

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You are the Scrum Master for a team. Their Daily Scrum is scheduled to start at 9:00 AM each day. Developers routinely show up late, and once everyone is assembled, the meeting starts. By then it is typically 4 to 5 minutes later than the scheduled time. Other meetings in the organization typically allow 4 to 5 minutes for people to transport within the building. Some Developers complain that it is now hard to achieve the purpose of the Daily Scrum within the time box, since there is only 10-11 minutes left after waiting for people to show up. The Developers do not know what to do and ask for your advice. (Choose the best answer)

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After some small experiments with Scrum, your company decides to do a complete project with Scrum. As Scrum Master, you have been invited to the "project kick-off meeting" with IT and product management. The Product Owner asks how many Sprints IT will need to first figure out architecture and infrastructure issues. What are two options to explain how such work is managed using Scrum? (Choose the best two answers)

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During the Sprint Review, the Product Owner decides to release the current Increment to production. The stakeholders suggest temporarily delaying the next Sprint in order to implement any further changes more quickly depending on a meeting with the customers, after the release. The Product Owner prefers to continue with the next Sprint and make progress towards the next release. Steven, the Scrum Master, begins facilitating the discussion. What would be two acceptable outcomes of the discussion? (Choose the best two answers)

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The Product Owner tells you that there are too many defects in the recent release. The customers are not happy. The stakeholders are also complaining about the quality of the product. What are the possible options to move ahead? (Choose the best two answers)

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The Product Owner suggests postponing Sprint Planning as they haven't been able to process all the feedback from the Sprint Review into the Product Backlog yet. They argue it makes no sense to plan the Sprint if the Product Backlog isn’t in a good state. As a Scrum Master, how should you respond?(Choose the best two answers)

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During the Sprint Review the Product Owner introduces the functionality that is likely to be done over the next Sprints. The Chief Security Officer reminds everyone that through the envisioned functionality, sensitive personal user data will be stored. This might be the subject of external security audits. He reminds everyone of important non-functional requirements with regards to security. They were not applicable and not considered previously. What are two effective ways the Scrum Team can manage these high-security concerns? (Select the best two answers)

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Peter is a new Product Owner on a newly formed Scrum team. Peter has projected a product completion date based on an estimated velocity of 21 completed points per Sprint. After the first 3 Sprints, the Developers have determined that their maximum velocity is 15 points and that they are unable to create shippable Increments at the end of each Sprint. What is the best way to proceed? (Choose the best answer)

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Kevin is a senior Developer that has recently joined an existing Scrum team. The existing team members are unable to get along with Kevin and conclude that he is not the right fit. If necessary, who is responsible for removing the new team member, and why? (Choose the best answer)

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Your organization always stresses the importance of on-time delivery and reliability. A manager has detected that your team’s progress is too slow. They feel that your team’s velocity needs to be 15% higher. The organization expects you, as the Scrum Master, to make it happen. How do you respond? (Choose the best two answers)

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The Developers are waiting for an external supplier to deliver a specific product component that they need to integrate and use. Without that component there will not be enough work in the next Sprint to occupy the full team. They ask their Product Owner to re-order the Product Backlog. The Product Owner asks the Scrum Master for help. What would be food advice for the Product Owner? (Choose the best answer)

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You are a Scrum Master and one of the Developers approaches you and says: Every Sprint we are not completing regression testing for all the selected Product Backlog items in the Sprint, but regression testing is part of the Definition of Done. We have discussed with the Product Owner and during the Sprint we decided to change the Definition of Done to remove regression testing. Which two actions are appropriate in this situation? (Choose the best two answers)

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You are a Scrum Master employed by the IT department. The IT manager considers adopting Scrum for a new project. He wonders however, what the value is in having all team members attend this meeting called “Daily Scrum” every day. The organization already has its employees attending so many mandatory meetings. What are the two outcomes of the Daily Scrum you inform him about, to express the importance of the Daily Scrum? (Choose the best two answers)

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At Sprint Planning, the Developers are not able to forecast the number of Product Backlog items they can do in the upcoming Sprint due to unclear requirements. The Product Owner, however, was able to clearly define the business objective he hopes to achieve in the Sprint. Which of the following two actions would you support? (Choose the best two answers)


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The Scrum Teams work in monthly Sprints, and the team is expected to deliver all functionality in three Sprints. Recently the team's progress was slowed down because of changes to interfaces of other components that you integrate with, as well as unavailability of the program's testing infrastructure. The program manager is extremely upset and angry when they find out that the team will need two more Sprints. The project managers of the other components confirm their adherence to the expected date. As a Scrum Master, what could you do to help the Product Owner? (Choose the best answer)

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What are two ways in which technical debt relates to velocity? (Choose the best two answers)

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You are the Scrum Master for four teams working from the same Product Backlog. Several of the Developers come to you complaining that work identified for the upcoming two Sprints will require full time commitment from Alex, an external specialist. As the Scrum Master what should you do to solve this upcoming problem? (Choose the best answer)

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In the Daily Scrum, the Product Owner applauds every Developers who moves a Sprint Backlog item to completion. The Product Owner wants to encourage the Developers to make progress visible on the burn-down chart. Select the two best options for the Scrum Master to take. (Choose the best two answers)

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The relationship between the Product Owner and the Developers has degraded over time. The Developers are growing increasingly angry with the Product Owner for changing the requirements all the time and not being available enough. The Product Owner is angry with the Developers for changing requirements during implementation. What guidance should the Scrum Master offer? (Choose the best answer)

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Currently, your engineering department is organized in siloed teams that specialize by function (e.g. front-end, back-end, database and testing). What would you consider when moving away from component teams towards feature teams? (Choose the best answer)

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Which two of these situations best demonstrate that a Scrum Team is self-managing? (choose the best two answers)

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You are a Scrum Master helping to establish five Scrum Teams that will be building a product. You discuss with them the high level of integration that the product Increment will require by the end of their first Sprint. It is a highly anticipated product, both by consumers and by the organization. Of the options raised by the future Scrum Team members, which option do you encourage? (Choose the best answer)

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Steve is a Scrum Master asked to assist in creating five new Scrum teams that will be working to build a highly anticipated product. He talks with them about the importance of being able to integrate their Increments by the end of their Sprints. This includes the first Sprints. The product is very important to both the end-users and the organization. Of the choices raised by future team members, what would Steven encourage? (Choose the best answer)

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You are a Scrum Master entering an organization that wants to “evolve” their product development to Scrum. The organization’s teams are organized into component teams. This means that teams address one single application layer only (for example, front end, middle tier, back end, and interfaces). You introduce the concept of feature teams, where teams have the skills to work on multiple layers throughout a Sprint and deliver working software every Sprint. What are the two things you take into consideration when moving away from component teams towards feature teams? (Choose best two answers)

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A multi-national company is using Scrum for product development of their five major products. What alternatives should the company consider deciding how many Product Owners are needed for these five products? (Choose the best two answers)

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You are the Scrum Master of a Scrum Team that is new to Scrum. The Product Owner comes to you halfway through the Sprint and says, “I do not feel like the Developers will be able to meet the forecast that they developed during Sprint Planning”. What should you do in this situation? (Choose the best option)

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