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What Our Customers Say

Akshra Parnami
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This was my second time attending Anand's classes, and how delightful it was. He is a very much experienced and professional trainer. His analogies will not just help you with the course but can be very well applied in daily life as well. Thanks a ton!!
Bhagyalaxmi Girish
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Thanks to Anand for such a wonderful and knowledgeable session. I liked the way real-world examples were given to clarify the concepts and also the way the session was conducted with clarity and ensuring everyone is included during the session. Anand's extensive experience as a Scrum Master was evident in the practical insights he shared, enriching the learning experience. Looking forward to more such training sessions in Agile concepts.
Girish Asrani
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Anand is an excellent trainer who brings to the table the highest level of thought clarity and years of personal experience around the subject. The PSPO class I attended, was highly interactive and kept us all engaged. I would highly recommend enrolling for his courses
Ambrish Ramachandran
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I had recently attended PSPO- I training with Anand from Target Agility. It was a wonderful session with multiple real time scenarios and case studies. I have taken away a lot from the session. I wish I could apply the same in my future assignments and share feedback. A worthy weekend finally ✌
Sameer Shekhar
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I attended the PSPO 1 certification training. The Session was quite interactive, intuitive. The trainer was absolutely amazing with great facilitation skills & knowledge. Keep up the good work Anand & Team.
Gayana Suresh
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Thank you Anand for the knowledge packed PSPO session which was not only informative but interactive. It was a great learning experience and a refresher of Scrum concepts. Keep sharing the knowledge and inspire great minds! Getting in touch with Target Agility is a blessing to boost the career.
Mahesh srinivasan
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I attended Anand’s PSM II session. The session was very informative & engaging, the practical / realtime examples that Anand shares will help us understand the concepts well. I would recommend anyone who wants to learn about Scrum and be a Scrum Master to attend Anands sessions.
Lakshmi Shettyar
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I had amazing experience for PSPO I Training. The clarity of the training content brought off lots of concept clarity.Explanation with example on most of the topics help understanding the concept more clearly.
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I feel immensely fortunate to have Anand Shankar Pandey as our agile coach . His vast knowledge and real time experience helps people to gain lot of insights and develop and apply a mindset of agility . He is a great coach and teacher . Product owner training conducted by him recently gave me a very good exposure in to PO world . I truly recommend people to take up training's conducted by him
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Anand has provided various real world experience on what challenges Scrum Master faces & how they can help organizations in their Agile ways of working. Also, provided great tools/theories which can be leveraged by the scrum master to effectively lead with empathy.
vadapalli Ramna Raju
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I am new to scrum world, lot of confusion in terms of concepts but Anand activity based learning to understand these concepts well and his simplicity to explain these concepts highly admired.also provide lot of supports in terms of books to refer and blogs to go through, overall excellent trainer.
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Anand is a professional when it comes to Agile training. One of the best trainers, I have come across. His training is not theoretical but more relatable giving great examples of day to day scenarios.

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As a Professional Scrum Trainer, you will be able to reach more people to share knowledge of Scrum and how it can help people and teams solve complex problems. Scrum.org’s strong learning and validation process is very much respected in the wider agile community. Becoming a PST is a rigorous journey of learning and self-introspection which has helped many like me in their journey to continual improvement.

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