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Choosing the Right Path: Comparing Waterfall and Agile Product Development

Introduction In the world of software development, there are two main project management methodologies: waterfall and agile. Both methodologies have their own strengths and weaknesses, and the best approach for a particular project will depend on a number of factors, such as the size and complexity of the project, the level of uncertainty involved, and […]

Have you identified your barrier point?

time for a change, new ways, letters-2015164.jpg

Have you identified your barrier point? My father was a chain smoker. He was very well Aware of the ill-effect of smoking and how it was leading him toward the inevitable. Each time he was hospitalized due to SOB, he underwent tremendous pain being put on a mechanical ventilator. But each time he returned back to […]


How much do you know about OKR?

Take this quiz and see how well you understand the OKR framework

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Which of the following is an example of a well-defined objective in OKR?

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Sarah is a team lead and wants to set OKRs for her team. What is the recommended number of Objectives she should set?

3 / 15

In OKR, what is the typical time frame for setting Objectives?

4 / 15

True or False: OKRs should be cascaded from top to bottom in an organization, with each level aligning their goals to the ones above them.

5 / 15

What is the primary purpose of conducting a weekly check-in meeting in OKR?

6 / 15

Which of the following statements best describes the concept of stretch goals in OKR?

7 / 15

How frequently should progress on Key Results be updated in OKR?

8 / 15

In OKR, what is the purpose of setting aspirational objectives?

9 / 15

True or False: OKRs are primarily used for performance evaluation and determining individual bonuses.

10 / 15

How can OKRs help with alignment in an organization?

11 / 15

What is the recommended level of transparency in OKR?

12 / 15

In OKR, what is the purpose of tracking progress on Key Results?

13 / 15

True or False: OKR is a static goal-setting framework that doesn't allow for adjustments or revisions throughout the quarter.

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What is a Key Result in OKR?

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What is the purpose of OKRs?

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